Personal Savings

Home Savings Bank offers several savings options to make saving money easier. We can help you design a custom savings plan to make saving money comfortable and convenient for you. We will review your current accounts to be sure your money is working for you, and match you up with techniques and products to help build your reserve.

Online banking provides tools that allow you to monitor and manage savings as you go. Setting up an auto-transfer is one way you can accumulate savings without doing anything. Designate a portion of your paycheck, even just a small percentage, to be automatically transferred to a savings account and watch your money add up. Over time, small deposits can lead to big gains.

A conversation with Home Savings Bank is a great way to be sure you have the right tools in place to accelerate your savings and build financial health. Contact Home Savings Bank to get started.

Statement Savings

Home Savings Bank offers savings accounts with statements. Read more.

Certificates of Deposit

We have designed our Certificate of Deposit (CD) products to personally help you achieve your financial objectives, whether you have a need for liquidity or are more interested in maximizing your earnings. Read more.

Money Market Account

Our money market accounts are designed to pay a higher rate of interest, offer ease of access to your funds for deposits, and offer maximum liquidity for withdrawals. Read more.


Home Savings Bank offers both Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. Read more.