Money Market Accounts

Our money market accounts are designed to pay a higher rate of interest, offer ease of access to your funds for deposits, and offer maximum liquidity for withdrawals.

Just announced! The new Money Market Special offers a 1.10% APY* with a minimum deposit of just $2,500. This account offers up to six withdrawals per statement cycle, including checks and ACH.

In addition, Home Savings Bank regularly offers three different money market accounts– Money Market, Best Rate, and Market Premium. Set up your Money Market account today and take advantage of competitive interest rates, with no monthly maintenance fee when you maintain the minimum balance.

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*The annual percentage yield (APY) is effective as of the publication date. Funds used to open accounts must be new money. New money is defined as money not currently held at Home Savings Bank. Minimum amount of new money required to open account and obtain the disclosed APY (interest rate 1.09% and APY 1.10%) is $2,500. APY is reduced to 0.03% (interest rate 0.03% and APY 0.03%) on balances less than $2,500. An $8.00 maintenance fee will be imposed every month if the daily balance in the account falls below $2,000. Rates subject to change at the bank’s discretion. Fees could reduce earnings.

House Account

Designed specifically for homeowners, this account is a no-minimum-balance money market account- perfect for setting aside money for all your household needs. Write checks directly from the account or transfer funds to your checking account via online banking.

Set up your House Account today and take advantage of these great benefits:

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Interest paid on funds
  • Automatic deposits and payments available
  • Helps you save for home improvements, repairs, and property taxes
  • Useful for flexible budgeting
  • Provides proof of payment for tax purposes

Call Home Savings Bank at 608.282.6000 to learn more.