Switch Kit

Switch to Home Savings Bank in 3 Easy Steps

Contact Home Savings Bank to open your new account, then run through these steps to assure your switch goes smoothly. Of course, we're standing by ready to help when you need it.

Step 1: Get Started

  • Open your account with an initial deposit.
  • Note your account number and Home Savings Bank's routing number (275971113).
  • Set up online banking, eStatements, mobile banking, and other options.

Step 2: Move Transactions to Your New Account

  • Tell your employer, and others who make deposits into your account, to change your direct deposits to Home Savings Bank.
  • Notify anyone making automatic withdrawals from your account of the switch. You may need to provide a deposit slip or voided check.
  • Cancel automated payment services, such as bill-paying, on your old account, and set them up on your new account.
  • Switch charges automatically billed to your old debit card to your new account.
  • Let outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals clear, leaving enough in the old account to cover them.

Step 3: Close Your Old Account

  • Make sure all outstanding transactions on your old account have cleared.
  • Ask your former financial institution to close your account and send you a check for the balance.
  • Safely dispose of checks, ATM/debit cards, and deposit slips from your old bank (we recommend shredding).

That's it - you're Home!