Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Homeowners wanting to use their homes as collateral may find fixed rate home equity loans attractive. Home equity loans can provide fast approvals, simple documentation, low/no closing costs, fixed rates, affordable fixed payments, and flexible terms.

Fixed rate home equity loans can be locked in for a predetermined amount of time, which is typically three, five, or ten years. Loans can be fully amortized for the rate-lock period. Repayment must occur within the preset time period.

This type of loan can be used as a downpayment for a home purchase to avoid private mortgage insurance payment.

Home Equity Line of Credit

You may also want to consider a Home Equity Line of Credit, we call this the Flex Line because of the built-in flexibility.

As a homeowner or home buyer you can get convenient access to ready cash by using your home to qualify for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

A HELOC is a good option if you are planning a home project that doesn't have a definite completion date or a predetermined cost. You may also choose to use this financing for other short term financing needs. Open the door to your dreams.

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