Learning about Money Together

Home Savings Bank offers several opportunities for families to learn and share money management skills. A centerpiece for children is Homer's Club. Many area adults started out with Homer's Club accounts and have fond memories of the Save, Share, Spend traditions. You'll find that all of us encourage you to include your children in routine banking activities.

Homer's Club for Children

If you are between 0 and 12 years old, you can join Homer's Club. Visit any one of the four, friendly Home Savings Banks. You can find us on Mineral Point Road, East Washington Avenue, and across from the Capitol in Madison, or on Main Street in Stoughton.

Bring your parent, and some money to open your account. Your parent should bring a driver’s license or photo ID, and we will need your social security number. We can open your account with as little as $1. Each time you bring in another $10, you get to choose a prize from my Safari Prize Box. You get special gifts when you save more, like a big stuffed Homer!

Accounts for Young People

In addition, we are happy to help your family set up special accounts to suit the needs of your tween, teen, or college student. Our Essential checking account offers a basic checking account with premium features like interest and online bill pay. This account can include debit cards and online banking. We encourage pairing it with a savings account and will happily recommend the best savings options for your family's goals, along with savings tips.