Local Banking

As large banks with out-of-state headquarters take over local institutions, corporate standardization can limit your options and harm your banking connection. Banks based in other parts of the state, or country, send more of your money away from the area so less goes back to work in our community.

There are several advantages to consolidating your banking at a local, community bank:

•    Easy access to decision-makers
•    A stronger banking relationship
•    The convenience of having the accounts in one place

•    The satisfaction of knowing your deposits benefit the local economy

Home Savings Bank is the only bank headquartered in Dane County with an Outstanding Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rating from the FDIC.  We earn this rating, in part, by making 95% of our loans in Dane County. We have a 120-year history here and our commitment to this area and its people remains strong.

Home Savings Bank understands that your needs are best served when decisions are made locally, by a banker who understands your situation and knows this community. Contact us to learn how we can take care of your banking needs. Locally.