Scam Alert

A new spin on the IRS tax scam has been reported in the Madison area where scammers are now targeting Tax Preparers’ computer systems. Fraudsters are hacking into the Tax Preparer’s computer system, retrieving customer tax reporting data, and filing what appears to be a legitimate tax return to the IRS. The fraudsters even use the customer’s account information to direct deposit the tax return.

Once the tax refund is deposited, the scammers contact the customer (posing as an IRS representative), advise that an incorrect tax return was accidentally deposited to his/her account, and make a request for the customer to return the funds via a wire transfer. In the event of this scam occurring, not only is the customer’s own tax return fraudulently filed, his or her banking account is compromised as well. A key indicator that an individual has been a victim of this scam is receiving a tax refund prior to actually filing his/her taxes.

Home Savings Bank associates are on heightened alert to actively ensure the security of your accounts.